Great Stag Hunt

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1761 stag beetles recorded this year.

If you have found an adult stag beetle you can give them some soft fruit or sugared water and move it out of harms way but the best thing is to let them get on and find a mate! If you have found stag beetle larvae please rebury them with some of the wood and soil in a shady undisturbed area. Don’t forget to record your sightings below.

Historically, the stag beetle has been recorded throughout much of Western Europe, though in many countries it is now sadly thought to be very rare or even extinct. As a consequence, the stag beetle is protected here in the UK.

One of the ways we can ensure its survival is to keep a check on where it is found and try and maintain and increase the number of beetles.

Record your sightings

Learn more about stag beetles or read about what we have found out from previous Great Stag Hunts.

How else we are helping

For the last 10 years we have funded research into stag beetles with Prof Alan Gange and Dr Deborah Harvey at Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL). Together we have written the Biodiversity Action Plan for this threatened insect and developed the Bury Buckets 4 Beetles scheme. This research has been a real example of ‘Citizen science’ and has mobilised hundreds of volunteers to help in the conservation of this rare beetle. You can also visit RHUL’s stag beetle website for lots more interesting facts and free educational leaflets to download.