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Weaving workshops help save rhinos

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Our handloom training sessions are now underway in NE India, helping 20 specially selected women learn new skills for an alternative livelihood that does not harm wildlife.

Just over 2,000 Greater one- horned rhinos are left in India, with many living in the turbulent Assam region. Here the major threats they face are loss of habitat due to continuous civil unrest and poaching for their valuable horns and other parts.

ndloom training by Dr. Pranjal BezbaruaBy running strong conservation awareness and community conservation activities with ex-poachers and their communities in sensitive fringe areas around Manas National Park, our funded work aims to reduce these dangers to the rhinos.

They will complete a 25 day course funded by PTES at the Guwahati Centre of Rural Development Training and share their new skills back at home in their villages. The training and equipment given to them by the project means that they will hopefully be supportive of the conservation work in general and for rhinos too. The alternative livelihoods are also a way to reduce the local community converting more wild area to farmland.

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