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What we’re doing

Although mountain hares are still found in Ireland and parts of Scotland, they have all been wiped out in England apart from small numbers in the Peak District, Derbyshire. It has now become an urgent priority to understand how these hares survived. This knowledge will be used to guide successful reintroductions as well as safeguarding those left. They also play an important role in the ecosystem and provide pleasure for tourists as icons of moorland landscapes.

Mountain hares are our only true native hare – brown hares arrived with the Romans.

With your donation, working with Manchester Metropolitan University, we will:

  • conduct an in-depth study to understand the sustainability of England’s only mountain hares
  • deploy remote cameras, drones and gather genetic material from droppings and carcasses to find out where the hares live and how many there are
  • create a map of hare hotspots to monitor how they respond to changes in land use, where there are high levels of road kill, interaction with brown hares, and the challenges of climate change

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Your gift will help save mountain hares before they disappear from England forever. Your donation will make a real difference.

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