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What’s the problem

In the 1950s, 99% of wild rabbits in Britain died from myxomatosis. In the absence of rabbits, scrub and woodland developed, benefitting some species but devastating others: sand lizards lost breeding sites; woodlarks, buzzards and foxes declined; and the large blue butterfly was lost altogether. Few people would have imagined the repercussions on Britain’s wildlife that losing rabbits might have.

In recent years, other species have almost disappeared: in the 1990s, 90% of water voles were lost. Only by carefully and regularly recording wildlife can we act before a species is lost forever.

What we’re doing

We run two British wildlife surveys – Living with Mammals and Mammals on Roads. Thousands of people take part, and together their findings paint a picture of the state of British wildlife. By taking stock year-on-year, we can spot when a natural blip in numbers becomes a long-term decline.

The evidence gathered by volunteers allows us to act quickly. We’re investigating the causes of the decline in hedgehogs, and created 24 mink-free havens for water voles and have returned dormice where they’ve been lost. All as a result of the evidence collected by surveys.

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Fact finding doesn’t always sound exciting, but it’s too vital to overlook. With your support we can spot changes in populations early and act while there’s still time.

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