Giant anteater appeal

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What’s the problem?

Did you know that giant anteaters are now the most vulnerable species in South America? Like many animals, they’re losing their homes to deforestation, but what may surprise you is that they’re one of the most common roadkill species in Brazil.

Many giant anteaters live in the cerrado – the largest savannah in South America. But it’s being cleared faster than the Amazon rainforest and previously inaccessible areas becoming exposed as dirt roads are being transforming into highways. Agricultural trucks now pass right through anteater habitat at high speed. Sadly, due to negative superstitions, some giant anteaters are even killed on roads intentionally.

What can be done?

We’re funding Dr Arnaud Desbiez and his team to reduce the threat of roadkill to giant anteaters by finding out

  • where most animals are killed – location hotspots will determine landscape or road characteristics that attract or deter giant anteaters to cross
  • when giant anteaters are killed – if there’s a particular time of day and year, or if deaths are correlating with giant anteater seasonal movements or mating behaviours
  • what are the local perceptions of giant anteaters and how can they be improved – working with local landowners, farmers, and motorists to prevent intentional road deaths.

Using this information, Arnaud will publish landscape and road management guidelines on preventing accidental and intentional giant anteater collisions, giving giant anteaters a much better chance of survival in the cerrado.

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