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Siamese croc breeding programme underway

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The future of wild Siamese crocodiles looks brighter thanks to one of our latest grant projects.

We are part funding a special breeding programme for these endangered reptiles in Cambodia. This programme will boost wild populations as well as protect existing ones.

To date, the project has released 53 purebred captive bred and confiscated crocodiles into the wild. We are hoping to increase these numbers next year when we expand and improve the captive breeding facility.

Crocodile experts from the Cambodian Crocodile Conservation Project (CCCP), the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust (MCBT) and Fauna & Flora International are combining their skills to make sure the programme is a long term success.

The project will also continue to support  local crocodile wardens who have been doing an excellent job patrolling key crocodile sanctuary sites.

We will also continue to monitor wild populations of crocodiles, and plan a crocodile survey next year to update our population estimation and see if the wild population is increasing.

This work is made possible by your kind donations. Thank you.







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