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Press release: Help endangered wildlife this Christmas with unique gift ideas from People’s Trust for Endangered Species

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People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) has released their annual gift catalogue in time for Christmas, with some great ideas that can help the most endangered wildlife species in Britain and throughout the world. From ‘Honeymoon Hampers’ for dormice, to training sheepdogs to protect African livestock and cheetahs, the full range of gifts can be viewed and purchased online at

Gifts of Nature (prices range from £10 – £100)

PTES has some unique gift ideas as part of their Gifts of Nature range. 100% of the money raised will help save endangered species worldwide. Gift options include:

• Honeymoon Hamper: providing newly released dormice with food until they can fend for themselves in the wild
• Gardener’s Friend: testing slugs and snails for lungworm parasites to determine if struggling hedgehog populations are nearby
• Winter Wonderland: supporting the coppicing of hazel trees in ancient woodland on the Isle of Wight, ensuring high yields of hazelnuts for red squirrels and dormice
• Liberty for Lorises: saving wild Javan slow lorises from the brutalities of the illegal pet trade
• Sheepdogs in Africa: training Anatonian sheepdogs to protect livestock from cheetahs in Africa, and in turn saving the cheetahs from hunting by farmers
• Speed camera for jaguars: providing cameras to photograph and count jaguar and puma numbers whose habitat in Paraguay is threatened by development
• Snow Leopard Patrol: creating new patrol zones for snow leopards which will be owned and safeguarded by local communities

PTES 2015 Wildlife Calendar (£6.95)

This year’s wall calendar showcases the range of endangered species PTES is supporting around the world, including hedgehogs, slow lorises, crocodiles and Scottish wildcats.

Wildlife Guides & Publications

Explore the countryside or even your back garden using our range of FSC laminated guides to identify the wildlife that you see along the way. Covering a wide range of British species including bats, bird of prey, reptiles & amphibians, dragonflies, caterpillars and garden birds, and with clear illustrations and notes, the guides are family-friendly, robust and waterproof and cost £3.25.

For a comprehensive understanding of Britain’s mammals in both the countryside and urban environments, PTES has two concise guides to the wild animals living not far from your doors. Britain’s Mammals: A Concise Guide and Urban Mammals: A Concise Guide are priced at £9.99 each.


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Notes to Editors

About PTES
PTES is a UK conservation charity created in 1977 to ensure a future for endangered species throughout the world. Working to protect some of our most threatened wildlife species and habitats, it provides practical conservation support through funding research and internships; providing grant-aid for world-wide and native mammals species conservation; supporting education, training and outreach programmes; and driving public participation via wildlife monitoring surveys, publications, campaigns and events. Priority species and habitats include hazel dormice, hedgehogs, water voles, noble chafer and stag beetles and traditional orchards and native woodlands.

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