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A third of our hedgehogs lost in just ten years

Together with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, we’ve made hedgehogs an absolute priority. Our joint campaign Hedgehog Street is dedicated to helping ‘hogs, and through this we have:

  • Recruited over 37,000 Hedgehog Champions to take action right across the UK
  • Worked with housing developers to create hedgehog-friendly new-builds
  • Trained 230 managers of urban green spaces from over 50 organisations
  • Funded new research to better understand what is affecting our rural hedgehogs
  • Launched the National Hedgehog Survey and the BIG Hedgehog Map
  • Inspired thousands of visitors at Hampton Court Flower Show and the WI Centennial Fair

How your gift today will help

Hedgehogs feeding by Sheila LodeyWe have a new national recovery plan for hedgehogs aiming to halt their catastrophic decline. It’s the first nationwide recovery plan for our hedgehogs in the UK and PTES needs your help to support our work towards achieving this ambitious goal. We’ll be focusing on the urgent need to understand the main factors in rural hedgehog decline. We will continue to fund research and focus on the management of gardens, housing developments, parks, and railways, which at the moment simply aren’t hedgehog friendly enough.

Your gift today will help us achieve all these aims.

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PTES is working jointly with our friends at the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) to conserve hedgehogs. With the help of their generous supporters, BHPS is providing half the funding for our extensive and successful joint campaign. PTES is now calling on its supporters to help us fund our half of the costs. By pooling our expertise and resources, PTES and BHPS are making a long term difference to the nation’s hedgehogs.

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