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Wherever we live in the UK, we share the green spaces around our homes and places of work with wild species.  By carefully identifying and counting the mammals that live in and around built up land, we can begin to understand – and encourage – the biodiversity on our doorstep.

Keeping track of wildlife in surveys such as Living with Mammals is essential – not only to improving the lot of our wild neighbours, but to improving our own as well.

Take a look at what you helped us find out in our Living with Mammals update 2015.

All you have to do is spend some time observing a chosen site, such as your garden or allotment or local churchyard or park, noting any mammals you see or the signs they leave behind. Your ‘urban’ site must be within 200 metres of a building. Jot down your sightings for eight or more weeks in the survey period (they needn’t be all together) and tell us what you see.

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The survey period runs from the end of March to  the end of June but you only need to survey for 8 or more weeks in this time.

You can also:fox by Ben Andrews

Any questions? Just email with your queries or call us on 020 7498 4533.

What have you helped us find out so far?

Living with Mammals began in 2003 and, to date, around 8,000 surveys from over 3,000 sites have been completed. Read more about what we have found out with the help of our nationwide volunteers by clicking on the links below.

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