Survey protocol

How will the survey work?

We have designated sites (1-km squares) across England and Wales that need to be surveyed. Once you have contacted us to say that you would like to take part, we will:

  • Allocate the square closest to you for surveying
  • Send you a copy of the Volunteer Handbook (please see below) outlining the survey protocol in detail
  • Put you in touch with your regional coordinator, who you will need to contact to arrange collection of all the necessary equipment

Hoglet by Joanne EdwardsYou will then need to visit your allocated square to ask permission from the necessary landowner(s) to conduct the survey on their land. We will also ask you to complete a very simple questionnaire survey of landowners.

Sites will be surveyed using a standardised survey protocol. After obtaining permission from the necessary landowners, each site will be surveyed using 10 footprint-tunnels placed alongside linear features; no more than two tunnels can be in the same field and they must be at least 100m apart. Tunnels will be baited with commercially available hedgehog food.

The ten tunnels will be monitored for five continuous days. Each day, you will need to check to see whether each tunnel has been visited by hedgehogs or not and to replace food bait / footprint papers when necessary.

At the end of the survey period, you will be asked to return all the equipment to your regional coordinator and to send in your results to the survey coordinator Emily Thomas by emailing

Frequently asked questions

A list of answers to FAQs is given here, but please contact the survey coordinator Emily Thomas if there is anything that you would like to clarify.

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