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What we are doing

We are reintroducing dormice to areas of the country where they have become extinct or isolated, to make sure that these tiny mammals survive in the UK.

In 2013 and 2014 we carried out dormouse releases in two woodlands in Nottinghamshire. When we went back to check on the dormice, we were really pleased to see that they had bred. But although the dormice have survived, they’ll need more help from us to have a successful future in the country. So this summer, we’ll be releasing 40 dormice to a third woodland nearby. And then to make sure the whole project is a success, we’ll be embarking on the next phase – improving the landscape in between the three sites so the dormice can reach each other.

It takes a lot of time and effort to return dormice to areas where they’ve been lost, but we are experts in this field. We’ve already carried out 24 dormouse reintroductions including in six counties where dormice had already gone extinct.

How your gift will help

Hazel dormice are highly vulnerable, and we’re working really hard to make sure they don’t disappear completely. Your gift will not only help us carry out this summer’s dormouse release, but start the next stage to ensure they survive in an area where they’d previously gone extinct. You can help us bring the wild back to life.

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