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Boris urged to Act for Nature

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PTES is supporting calls for a new law to support recovery of nature and improve people’s wellbeing.

We have joined forces with a number of charities who are challenging political parties to ‘act for nature’ by introducing new laws to restore nature and increase everyone’s access to it, not only for nature’s sake but also for the contribution it makes to people’s health and wellbeing.

**Update 5th November – We  welcome today’s news that the London Assembly has unanimously agreed the motion proposed by Jenny Jones AM for a Nature and Wellbeing Act for England. The London Assembly is now calling on Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, to support this proposal.**

The newly published ‘Nature and Wellbeing Act’ Green Paper sets out compelling evidence which shows just how much people need nature. It offers an ambitious package of measures to turn around the decline in our natural environment and contribute to many of our most pressing social and political objectives.

The Green Paper shows our need for nature in every part of our lives:
• The most deprived communities are 10 times less likely to live in the greenest areas.
• Fewer than one in 10 children regularly play in wild places, compared to almost half, a generation ago.
• If every household in England were provided with good access to quality green space it could save an estimated £2.1 billion in health care costs.

A new Nature and Wellbeing Act should herald a wider long-term commitment by government to take consistent account of nature and the wider environment across all policy-making and legislation.

You can read more and download the Paper from The Wildlife Trust and RSPB.

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